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1.80 m Telescopic Pole for GNSS


This pole boasts a four-section design crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring maximum flexibility and durability. Its unique construction makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
The telescopic design of the pole allows for easy extension and retraction, enabling you to quickly adjust the height to suit your specific requirements. This feature not only saves you time but also ensures that the pole can be efficiently stored when not in use, reducing clutter and making transportation a breeze.

230.00 ex. VAT

Cube connector


Cube connector is Android APP and it has been developed to connect Android devices to Stonex GPS receivers.

In order to be connected to the GPS, the Android Smartphone / Tablet must be paired with the GPS by Bluetooth.




Cube-3d is a complete software for 3D data management, built by two modules for photogrammetry and for scanner data. The former processes images (or videos) to generate accurate digital maps and 3D models with extreme precision; the latter provides tools to align point clouds.

3,000.004,500.00 ex. VAT



Cube-a is a Stonex field software for professional surveying and GIS which has been designed and developed
for the Android platform. Thanks to the flexibility of the Android environment, the user interface is very simple
and intuitive, and this makes surveyors ready for any work, saving time and increasing productivity. With Cubea is possible to perform a GNSS, GIS and Total Station survey. The software can be installed on any device equipped with Android operating system.

150.001,000.00 ex. VAT



Cube-nrtk is a GNSS software designed for managing GNSS station networks. Utilizing data from reference stations in real-time, it calculates a network solution to provide users with accurate positioning. The software offers an intuitive graphical interface for real-time monitoring of network performance and user activity.

2,500.00 ex. VAT



STONEX F6 is the market leader 3D handheld scanner for fast scanning of big objects and large areas from short to far ranges.

Based on a patent algorithm of innovative encoding F6 provides superb quality of data making it the ultimate device for scanning complex scenes within seconds.

12,500.00 ex. VAT



Stonex FieldGenius was designed for Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Seismic Surveying, and
Construction Staking professionals to provide unequalled data collection simplicity and field calculating performance.
The Graphic User interface allows you to build the drawing as you measure, providing you with
instant visual confirmation of accurate data collection and survey calculations. It includes the ability
to draw linework as you measure from point to point without the need for cumbersome line coding.

1,260.00 ex. VAT

GNSS Survey Pole 2 M



2 parts

Material: carbon fiber

with dragonfly

screw thread 5/8″

suitable for all Stonex GNSS receivers

270.00 ex. VAT

GPS technology for smart farming


STONEX offers numerous precision positioning solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural world. Stonex solutions for smart farming provide the ability to easily plan, schedule and manage jobs.

Thanks to the high level of accuracy of our receivers, Stonex are able to guarantee high positioning quality on various types of jobs. The solutions consist of hardware and software; moreover, they adapt to different types of machines becoming easily adaptable to the client’s needs.



Stonex M1 is a small and very easy to use Bluetooth Laser Distance meter. The aluminium alloy housing makes Stonex M1 resistant to the harshest jobsite condition. Thanks to the adaptive 1.4 inches B&W display readings during day and night become easy and friend Never ending work with the long life lithium battery. M1 can communicate with Stonex Cube-a and other software with the built in Bluetooth module making the work more efficient and effective.



The R180 is a highly accurate and fast Android robotic station . It features a rotation speed of 180 °°/sec. The instrument has an accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm , with a range of up to 1000 m without a prism.

19,950.00 ex. VAT



The entire R20 range is equipped with a high
performance, illuminated
reticle telescope that provides the best quality of observation, whatever
the environmental conditions.
The programs on board of these models of total stations make them
suitable for any work in construction, cadastral, mapping and staking,
through a user friendly interface.

3,255.004,850.00 ex. VAT
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