Specialist Training Facility

A-GEO takes pride in offering a dedicated Specialist Training Facility to provide our customers with a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Our state-of-the-art training center is designed to empower individuals and organizations with the specialized skills and knowledge required for efficient and accurate surveying.

Dozer, Excavator and Grader

At A-GEO, we offer specialized training programs designed to empower operators of dozers, excavators, and graders with the skills and expertise needed to utilize advanced 3D machine control systems. Our training is tailored to enhance precision, productivity, and efficiency in earthmoving and grading operations.

Surveying Equipment

Surveying equipment is essential for precise measurement, data collection, and mapping in various industries, including construction, land development, and environmental monitoring. Here’s an overview of how to work with surveying equipment:

Learning Surveying Software and Point Cloud Processing

At A-GEO’s Specialist Training Facility, we offer comprehensive training programs that go beyond equipment operation and delve into the intricacies of surveying software, including advanced techniques like point cloud processing. Here’s how we teach participants to harness the power of surveying software:

A-Geo- Technical Support Enquiry

Technical Support Number:

+371 231 199 11

Tech Support:


For all Firmware and Software updates please contact our technical support team.

Please also visit User Manuals and Brochures and Tutorials & Helpful Guides for further information.

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