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Alpha Dozer


Alpha-GEO bulldozer leveling guidance system.

4,450.00 ex. VAT

Alpha HT Agro


Alpha HT Agro Advanced High Torque Electric Steering Wheel System. This innovative technology empowers farmers to effortlessly chart work routes within their fields. The tractor seamlessly follows the predetermined route with an astounding accuracy of 2.5cm, revolutionizing farming practices by streamlining tasks and enhancing overall productivity.


4,390.00 ex. VAT

GPS technology for smart farming


STONEX offers numerous precision positioning solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural world. Stonex solutions for smart farming provide the ability to easily plan, schedule and manage jobs.

Thanks to the high level of accuracy of our receivers, Stonex are able to guarantee high positioning quality on various types of jobs. The solutions consist of hardware and software; moreover, they adapt to different types of machines becoming easily adaptable to the client’s needs.



The GeoMax MR240’s LED indicators show the position of cutting edge in relation to laser
reference beam. The MR240 has three indicators in coarse mode, up to five in fine mode and is
equipped with a magnet mount with extra strong rare earth magnets.

625.00 ex. VAT



The GeoMax MR360R’s large 360° detection windows pick up any rotating laser from any angle.
The MR360R incorporates a built-in vertical indicator that monitors angle of the stick, signaling
of the stick and signals if it is plumb or under/over extended.

1,200.00 ex. VAT



Stonex machine control solutions can be installed in most earthmoving machines quickly and easily.

The simple design of the solution allows you to be up and running in no time. Thanks to the Android software developed by Stonex, all the components can easily communicate with each other. As an option there is the possibility of having a bluetooth connection between the various components of the system.


8,820.0021,170.00 ex. VAT

TG 63


More than just robust GNSS technology, CHCNAV Machine Control and Construction solutions are
designed to be high productivity tools to get your projects done faster.

25,400.00 ex. VAT
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