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Stonex M1 is a small and very easy to use Bluetooth Laser Distance meter. The aluminium alloy housing makes Stonex M1 resistant to the harshest jobsite condition. Thanks to the adaptive 1.4 inches B&W display readings during day and night become easy and friend Never ending work with the long life lithium battery. M1 can communicate with Stonex Cube-a and other software with the built in Bluetooth module making the work more efficient and effective.



The various models of the Zeta125 Series give you the flexibility to choose a device that
perfectly fits your needs. With the outstanding grade range from -10% to 40%, the Zeta125 is
very versatile.

3,550.00 ex. VAT



Zone20 H is an economic and rugged entry level
rotating laser. With a solid built housing and a
straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions
needed for regular and flexible use. Zone20 H is a
horizontal laser that allows grade setting manually in
two axes. It is easy to use and highly reliable in any

980.001,165.00 ex. VAT



The multipurpose Zone20 HV offers the Zone20 H
basic specifications, plus the capability of vertical
leveling and aligning. It includes a long-range
remote to adjust and align easily on any job
site. To support the toughest working conditions,
the rotating head is fully enclosed and the laser
complies with IP67 class, making it the perfect
multipurpose laser for any professional.

1,340.001,490.00 ex. VAT



The Zone60 DG is a fully-automatic grade laser in
both axes, specifically designed for crews that require
dependability and accuracy on a daily basis. Digital
grades can be entered up to 15% slope making it
suitable for almost any construction site.
Save even more time by using this laser with the
ZRD105B laser receiver, which automatically catches and
monitors the laser’s beam.

2,440.002,640.00 ex. VAT
1,690.001,890.00 ex. VAT



Capable of operating at a speed of 15 rps (rotations
per second), the Zone75 DG is a perfect fit for machine
guidance solutions. With a laser beam that is stable
over longer distances, it is especially suited for land
levelling and agriculture applications.

2,800.003,380.00 ex. VAT
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