Measuring wheel with hand brake


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The counter also works decremental, which makes subtractions
possible. Zero-set lever attached to the counter for quick resets.
Solid and large stand, easy to fold out.


The wheel`s framework is robot-welded and guarantees for lasting quality and durability. The wheel is powder-coated in orange warning colour. • Solid spoke wheel, made of aluminium die cast metal, keeps the measuring wheel firmly on the track. • The rubber is ground to exactly 318.5mm diameter. As a certificate of quality, a sticker on the wheel indicates the deviation from the correct diameter. A Nestle exclusive feature! • The standard brake has been converted into a hand brake attached to the guiding rod. The brake handle has to be pulled to release the wheel. Thus, accuracy becomes enhanced. • Due to the brake attached to the guiding rod, the measuring wheel cannot be folded.      

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Measuring wheel with hand brake
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