Measuring wheel with hinged guide rod


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Nr. 12008000

Quality counter “Made in Germany“ mounted directly above the
wheel, easy to read while handling the wheel.
The counter also works decremental, which makes subtractions possible.
Zero-set lever attached to the counter for quick resets.
Solid and large stand, easy to fold out.
The stand also works as brake to prevent from unintentional changes
of the measuring result.


Only a solid measuring wheel guarantees for enduring precision: • The wheel`s framework is robot-welded and guarantees for lasting quality and durability. The wheel is powder-coated in red warning colour. • Solid spoke wheel made of aluminium die cast metal, keeps the measuring wheel firmly on the track. • The rubber is ground to exactly 318.5mm diameter. As a certificate of quality, a sticker on the wheel indicates the deviation from the correct circumference. A Nestle exclusive feature! • The model 12008000 has a hinged guide rod, not the usual foldable handle which is fixed with a wing screw. This provides an accurate freeof- play connection.    

Measuring wheel with hinged guide rod


  • Wheel
  • Spoke wheel

  • Measuring range
  • 9,999.99m / cm reading

  • Wheel diameter
  • 318.5mm

  • Wheel circumference
  • 1.00m

  • Accuracy
  • < 0.05%

  • Weight
  • 3,400g

  • Colour
  • Warning colour red

  • Calibratable
  • Yes

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Measuring wheel with hinged guide rod
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