Measuring wheels MR-21


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The NESTLE measuring wheel MR-21 has a foldable guide rod made of
aluminium and equipped with a spoked wheel. The high quality counter
records the distances in the direction of travel and subtracts against the
running direction. The MR-21 measuring wheel also offers a parking
bracket and an integrated brake.


Measuring wheels are used for measuring distances on level ground. The wheel is rolled along the measuring distance while being held forward by a guide rod. The distance travelled is displayed by means of a counter. Typical areas of application are: official use, road and track construction, agriculture and forestry, landscaping and everywhere where distance measurements over medium to long distances are required.

Measuring wheels MR-21


  • Wheel
  • Spoke wheel

  • Measuring range
  • 9,999.99m / cm reading

  • Wheel diameter
  • 318,5mm

  • Wheel circumference
  • 1,00m

  • Accuracy
  • <0,02%

  • Weight
  • 2,950g

  • Colour
  • red, luminous paint

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Measuring wheels MR-21
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