Wooden tripods Min-I and Mid-I


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The wooden tripod Min-I and Mid-I correspond in their specification
to the wooden tripod in heavy construction, but with different
transport dimensions, working area and associated with a lighter


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With its transport length of 97cm, the wooden tripod Mid-I 13710000 is especially suitable for transport in normal cars, as it can be stored and transported in almost every car trunk. The wooden tripod Min-I 13709000 for special applications with lowest installation and working heights in scanning or tachymeter surveying (for example, viewpoints on stairs, industrial plants ...)

Wooden tripods Min-I and Mid-I


  • Best application
  • Rotary laser, Tachymeter, Laser scanner

  • Head-Ø
  • 143mm

  • Head plate
  • flat, triangular

  • Self-locking
  • Yes

  • Clamp screw
  • Yes

  • Thread connection
  • 5/8“

    Min-I 13709000 / Mid-I 13710000

  • Working range
  • 47 to 59cm / 89 to 145cm

  • Transport lenght
  • 52cm / 97cm

  • Weight
  • 4,000g / 6,100g

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Wooden tripods Min-I and Mid-I