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Processing massive amounts of laser points and images can be a real challenge to a single PC. With TerraSlave you can distribute time- and resource-consuming tasks such as TerraScan macro execution to several PCs over a LAN and thus, free your own workstation for other processing steps.


Right to run TerraSlave on the same computer than TerraScan is included into TerraScan license giving you the ability to utilize the power of your computer 24×7.
There are two options for a TerraSlave setup in a LAN: 1) TerraSlave may be installed on workstations and active users can use any free workstation for TerraSlave processing. 2) TerraSlave and all data may be located on a fast server for performing the time-consuming tasks. Since TerraSlave is a stand-alone application, these processing PCs and servers do not need to have MicroStation or any other Terra Software installed.

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